Krone in Kreis
Krone in Kreis

Bus vignette and mandatory route


Bus operators must purchase a bus vignette to be allowed to drive into the city. In addition, there is a route prescribed by the police that must be strictly adhered to. This ensures that the journey to our Prinzhotel Rothenburg runs smoothly. Please note that non-compliance may result in a fine.

Download application bus vignette

Height restrictions of 3.05 to 3.90 metres apply for access to and from the individual hotels. Further information on the height restrictions and the bus vignette can be found here.

Buses with a vehicle height of 3.70 m to 3.90 m may only pass through the Galgentor at walking speed and only within the white dotted lines.

Please also note that buses can be parked free of charge in the large car parks between 6 p.m. and 9 a.m..

Large car parks can be found outside the old town, which are designated as large car parks:

P1 Friedrich-Hörner-Weg (cars, motorbikes, buses, lorries)
P2 Nördlinger Straße (cars, motorbikes, camper vans, buses, lorries up to 7.5 t)
P3 Schweinsdorfer Straße (cars, motorbikes, motorhomes, buses, lorries)
P4 Galgentor (cars, motorbikes)
P5 Bezoldweg (cars, motorbikes)

The following applies:

Cars, motorbikes, lorries and buses may park – from at 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for a fee with a parking ticket. Parking is free the rest of the time.

Camper vans are also allowed to park – but are also subject to charges at night. Max. The maximum daily rate is €12.

Holders of the RothenburgPlus card can park for the first 2 hours free of charge.

Holders of parking duration cards park free of charge if the parking duration card is valid for the corresponding large car park.

Holders of guest vignettes park free of charge.

Private travellers have the option of purchasing a guest vignette, which allows them to park free of charge for 24 hours. Guest vignettes are available from the road traffic office or participating hotels.

It can be purchased by anyone and it’s issued on a licence plate number.
It authorises free parking for 24 hours. Several vignettes must be purchased if parking for several days.

Please note that this option is available for day visitors in car parks in the Old Town or large car parks outside the Old Town.

The recommended bus route to the Prinzhotel Rothenburg

(Image: The recommended bus route to the Prinzhotel Rothenburg)

Current information on construction work


Due to renovation work and the temporary closure of the Galgentor (probably until the end of October), there will be temporary restrictions for buses, especially those that require suitcase transport:

  1. Buses are currently unable to travel directly into the city.
  2. Suitcase transport from the bus directly in front of the hotel is not possible. Instead, small suitcase transporters are needed.
  3. Guests can get to the Prinzhotel Rothenburg either on foot or by cab.

The transport of suitcases is carried out by vans according to individual agreement. For more information and bookings you can reach TAXI Kersten at 09861-95100. In addition, “Umzüge ohne Stress” also offers this service at 09861-938407. Please note that the clearance height must be taken into account. The Rödertor is not suitable for buses – only the Galgentor is open for buses.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to your arrival at the Prinzhotel Rothenburg!

Krone in Kreis