Krone in Kreis
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A mighty drink saved the city


The historical festival association “Der Meistertrunk” (the Master Draught) is a registered, non-profit, independent association and has existed since 1881. In addition to the performances of the festival, the club organizes an extensive supporting program for all of Rothenburg festivals.

In 1631, Count Johann Tserclaes, Tilly, the great Catholic general, besieged and subdued the city of Rothenburg with his army of 60,000 men and held a court martial. With incredible effort, a very large, fun, exuberant spectacle with many volunteers will be organized. You wouldn’t want to miss the remembrance of how they rescued the city.

The association also maintains its own museum “The historical vault” in the atrium of the town hall on the market square, which is visited annually by around 70,000 guests.

Image credits: Matthias Schmid – Thank you very much for providing the images.

Krone in Kreis