Krone in Kreis
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The “Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Street” runs in the heart of Franconia with a total circuit of almost 50 km in length through the magnificent low mountain range of the nature parks & Steigerwald and Frankenhöhe – halfway between Nuremberg and Würzburg, between Bamberg and Rothenburg. Here the guest and visitors will experience an untouched and healthy nature. All the while, seeing a lot from the culture and interesting things from history!

Enjoy a stroll along the on the vineyards of the ‘Weimersheimer Roten Berg’, the Ipsheimer WeinWanderWeges Burg Hoheneck or the nature trail there. Take in the great views of the Aischgrund and the Windsheim Bay.

Anywhere you decide to continue your journey, you will always be amazed by the enchanting landscape.