Krone in Kreis
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A carp in the museum

The Aischgründer Carp Museum in old castle in Neustadt an der Aisch

The excursion tips we can give you at the Prinzhotel Rothenburg are almost inexhaustible. Here we would like to introduce you to everything about the carp.

The old moated castle of the former Zollerian residence and today’s district town of, Neustadt an der Aisch, towers out of the broad meadow ground. It is a striking urban complex of buildings, on the edge of the old town, that has now developed into an attractive cultural area with diverse uses.

The massive high core building, with its two side wings, is used as a museum, houses the Aischgründer Carp Museum and the city museum, the north wing houses the craftsmen lounge. In the gatehouse of the old castle complex, there is an atmospheric cabaret and the puppet museum. The archive and reference library use the three-story tower known as, “Maschickelesturm”.

Krone in Kreis