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A romantic stopover on the a7 to the skiing vacation

Looking for a Rothenburg top hotel on the A7? On the way on the A7 to the skiing vacation or winter vacation? Ski trips, winter trips, skiing, vacations, bridge days, vacations, carnival holidays, Whitsun vacations or Easter vacations are coming up?

The vacation planner is us! Take advantage of holidays or bridge days. During the school vacations on the A7 on the way via Munich or Garmisch Partenkirchen to the ski vacation or winter vacation? Are you more interested in ski trips, winter trips or skiing? If you are traveling on the A7 freeway and you have already covered a good distance, a stopover or refreshment stop at the Prinzhotel Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a good idea. Ski and vacations, carnival, Easter or Whitsun simply belong together. The best vacation dates, bridge days, holidays and vacations, summer vacations, winter vacations can be found on the vacation calendar of our link tips.

In Prinzhotel you can relax wonderfully in new superior rooms and not only in winter weather we will be happy to arrange a wellness treatment with relaxing apreski massage.

Let the winter vacation or school vacations begin beforehand. Your calves will be better prepared for the upcoming stress when you whiz down the ski slopes in your favorite ski resort e.g. Ischgl, St-Anton, or on the Hintertux glacier. If you haven’t found a final ski favorite yet, we recommend the following sites that offer some exceptional skiing fun.

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